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The BLUE OCEAN GROUP Heavy equipment machinery refers to large machines that are used in construction, mining, agriculture, and other industries to perform tasks that require significant power and force. These machines are typically designed to handle heavy loads, operate in challenging environments, and perform tasks that would be difficult or impossible for humans to do manually.

Examples of heavy equipment machinery include bulldozers, excavators, cranes, loaders, backhoes, graders, and dump trucks. These machines can be used for a wide range of tasks such as digging, grading, hauling, lifting, and demolition.

BOG specializes in heavy equipment machinery and may sell, rent, or provide maintenance and repair services for these machines. We also offer training and consulting services to help our customers use these machines safely and effectively.

Some of the major manufacturers of heavy equipment machinery include Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Volvo, and John Deere. These companies produce a wide range of machines that are used around the world in various industries to help make work easier, faster, and more efficient.


BOG specializes in heavy equipment machinery and offers both rental and sale options to their customers, depending on their needs.

Equipment rental services allow customers to rent heavy machinery for a specific period of time, usually on a short-term basis. Rental services can be a cost-effective option for customers who need a machine for a specific project or task but don’t want to invest in purchasing it outright. Rental services may also include maintenance and repair services, as well as training and support to help customers use the equipment safely and effectively.

On the other hand, equipment sales involve customers purchasing the machinery outright for their own use. This option is typically chosen by customers who have a long-term need for a particular machine or who want to add it to their fleet of equipment. Sales may also include financing options to help customers spread out the cost of the equipment over time.

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BOMEG with offices in Bahrain and China, is your reliable and experienced partner in the used mobile crane industry. As one of the most prosperous dealers in the area, our business is regarded. All kinds of heavy equipment are sold by us, both new and used.