20 – 24T Medium Excavator

This is a short description of a Small Excavator

Operating Weight: 20 – 24T
Engine Power: 104 – 125kW
Bucket Capacity: 0.83 – 1.2m³



Powered by a Diesel engine, the SY215C features fuel-efficient technology that can save as much as 10% on your fuel costs.

High efficiency

The newly designed cab with much room and larger windows provides you with a wider view. Equipped with excellent sealing, the cab is free from dust, rain, and noise which effectively reduces the fatigue of the operator.

Specs & Comparison

Models Operating Weight Engine Power Bucket Capacity
SY215C 21.9T 114kW 0.93m³
SY215C LC 23.55T 125kW 0.93m³
SY215ACE 21.9T 118kW 1.1m³


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