840H Wheel Loader

Operating weight:12300-12500 kg
Rated power:112kW
Rated operating load:4000 kg



Operating weight12670 kg
Standard bucket2.1 m³
Maximum gross power112 kW (152 hp) @ 2200 rpm
Maximum net power106.4 kW (145 hp) @ 2200 rpm
Rated load4000 kg
Total cycle time10.1 s
Tipping load-full turn8420 kg
Bucket breakout force116 kN
Dump clearance, full height discharge2750 mm
Dump reach, full height discharge1088 mm
ModelPerkins 1204F -E44TTAN
EmissionsEPA Tier 4F / EU Stage IV
Cooling systemCharge air cooling
Length with bucket down7650 mm
Width over tires2470 mm
Cab height3310 mm
Turning radius, outside of tire5430 mm
Bucket capacity2.1-4.0 m³
General Purpose2.1 m³
Light material3.0, 4.0 m³
Heavy-rock1.5 m³


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